Each filmic frame is born out of smartly written words on a video script.

Every picture is the result of a concept well executed through camera angles.

Each effect in a video adds to the story.

Written from heart but planned with mind, ‘The Kreative Company’ visual productions go through methodical steps.

Our strength is listening to you.

What you wish to see in your brand video is the base on which we add our artistic touches and create a concept note, script, scenes & shoot… and then comes out the magic mix.

Social media videos, corporate films or promotional visual material, whatever be the final production, you always get, what you envisioned. Rest assured, there will always be clarity with us.

For sure good on eyes, these videos are easy on ears also, because they always have the distinctive edge of pure, meticulous sound design… our own recording studio gets you that advantage.

If you are tired of your brief going haywire, give us a shout!

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People like to watch videos, well-made videos appeal to the targeted audiences.

Look at Youtube, Instagram and major social media platforms. The content we produce will drag more audience to your brand and offer.

Adding video advertisements to products is the key factor in all e-commerce websites... if people see, people buy more. Being the best video ad maker agency in Dubai UAE, we know this and we deliver, ensuring that the product video matches the description.

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