With more than 200 languages’ experts in our team, we are an integral partner for localizing your brand here in Dubai, the hot-spot of world cultures.

Far from those difficult-to-understand literal translations, we focus on trans-creating your original text so that the meaning gets to your target audience as they would know it and as you had intended it originally.

Be it text, verbal, transcripts, dubs, on-phone, in audio, on picture or any which way you want your translations / interpretations, rest assured, your message will never be lost in translation. We at ‘The Kreative Company’ shall convey it with the nuances & richness of the respective language… truly!

Language is an essential tool in helping create your audio, video, presentation, music, conference, telephonic interpretation or any media reach the maximum number of targeted audience. Languages pose barriers, especially if you are not familiar with the local language in Dubai, or so many world languages used here. We are rare because not all recording studios or music studios in Dubai can provide language translations, interpretations and related services. You get it all under one roof from experts.

The Kreative Company’ renders the best Languages Interpretations in Dubai services to our clients at reasonable rates. Our team of 200 languages’ expertshelp our clients to localize their media, music, and documents in Dubai. We do original text into required language that showcases the true meaning and authenticity of the written words and NOT blind translation.

Our company provides for a variety of Languages Translations in Dubai in various forms from the text, in audio, picture, transcript, verbal, and many more forms. Our language experts work hard to ensure that the intended and true message is not lost during the process of translation. Our team is the multicultural team that helps our clients convey the refinement and richness of our client's respective languages. Our company has been able to serve diverse language audio needs that help our clients to easily connect with us.