Conceptualizing innovative events, we are a full service Event Management outfit for Conferences, Exhibitions, Ceremonies, Launches and any promotional / private event need. Artist management too!

From theatre festivals to corporate events, our hyper creatives, competent suppliers and supportive team are eager and geared to meet you.

For some, event planning may be a tall order but for us your event is a smooth journey. From planning and structuring the event to coordinating and implementing the flow-chart, we ensure that a great calendar memory is created and good time is enjoyed by all.It’s a full time job, and not a on-the-go side business / part time jaunt. We help you organize your business meeting, ceremonies, promotional or private events as you desire. Give us a hint of your event idea and we will enhance it from there even if it means additional hours to ensure high-quality services.

The Kreative Company’ is a Dubai-based enterprise that provides bespoke quality event planning services to our customers. An Event Management Outfit in Dubai, we cater to theatre festivals, corporate events, ceremonies, etc at very affordable rates.

Skilled professionals, creative team with dedicated focus, we are well-versed with all event needs in the industry. The crew has studious approach, providing value-added benefits. We have honed our creativity and perfection of thecraft by practical experiences, hence expect prompt solutions to any surprise event idea.

As an established Event Management Outfit in Dubai UAE, we look forward to being a part of your next event. Kindly email or call us for further enquiries.