Welcome to the only paperless recording studio of Dubai, which is also the region’s biggest voice-bank for any language! We are centrally located amidst landmarks like the BurjKhalifa, Dubai Mall Metro Station, City Walk, Coca Cola Arena, Dubai Canal, Tesla Showroom, Mazaya Center and Sheikh Zayed Road. Easily accessible, and always plenty of parking.

Sound designing, audio imaging, recordings, voice-overs in ANY language, ANY medium, and ANY format….  Recorded Audio for TV, Radio, Animation, Station IDs, Infomercials, Sweepers, Promos, Film, Trailers, Jingles, In-Store radio / audio, Tags, Promotional Videos, Corporate Presentations, Telephonic Audios (on-hold, after hours, holiday messaging, voicemail greetings), Call-for-action CD-ROM / DVD Ads, PC, Console, Arcade Games, How to / Instructional,  Flash Presentations, Multimedia, Training Programs,  Award Show Nominees / Winners, Product Endorsements / Spokesperson, Public Service Announcements, Point of Sale Messaging, Trade Show Exhibits, etc. Ideal for studio hire, cover versions, religious recordings, music singles or albums, social media and website page audio.

The quality finished sound can be emailed within 24 hours... scratch-to-the-final-mix, concept-script-to-the-finished-audio-file!

Home studios may have the advantage of being handy with limited recording gear but our professional studio provides you  larger recording space, excellent acoustics, a selection of great microphones, high-quality preamps, outboard gear, experienced engineer, value-added direction (a bonus) by our experienced team and the most importantly - crystal-clear, pure broadcast quality audio at minimal cost and no headaches. Equally important is the fresh perspective that recording in a pro-studio affords the artists, agencies and clients alike.

The Kreative Company’ is one of the best IVR recording company in UAE. We are a competent radio ads & program production studio in Dubai, the makers of quality audio in the Middle East for any type or format. We are known all around the globe for our amazingly professional recording equipments.

Acoustics Excellence

A professional studio like ours provides customers and clients with acoustic spaces that are optimised to record music, voiceovers, or any sound. A professional studio is a vital necessity for clients, advertising agencies, celeb agents, artist representatives, voiceover pros, freelancers, and those in need of quick recordings while passing by Dubai, UAE. Not only for solo recordings; but mainly for accommodating larger ensembles and orchestras, we are a preferred recording facility. Regardless of session size, being able to back mics away and capture more "air" around the instrument in a good-sounding room pays sonic dividends in the final mix. You will also get isolation booths with some good sightline which enable the musicians and group recordings to perform together as if in the same room. Or, you have the freedom to record in batches separately in the main booth and then mix them all as one. At times the excitement of particular instruments (like sax solo or a scratch vocal) is difficult to over / under-dub or match with the music. This is the reason why isolation recording is a wise choice. You can capture all the tracking sessions together. We are known as the ultimate voice over studio in UAE, name ANY language under the sun, and we shall record for you effortlessly, while you relax in your office or home. If you wish to direct or monitor the recording session remotely, we can even patch you all.

The VO talent, the director and the musicians can perform their best when they hear what they should hear, that's possible on our professional & modern cue mix system with monitor mixer.

Top Gear & Equipments

The studio, the microphones with sonic characteristics and the overall ambience are like colorful palettes, where we paint your projects with sound. Our experienced director and talented engineer are well aware of where to deploy microphones in the available acoustical space. A good mic is not worthy if the signal is degraded by the substandard equipment, and this applies to make-shift arrangements; you need high-quality equalizers, preamps, converters, compressors, plug-ins and other such processors. Therefore choose our professional studio as we have the right equipment.

We also have audio imaging specialist UAE who are always there to help and guide you through the process. Today in professional studios like ours you will get sound mixing producer UAE along with qualified and skilled engineers who will help you. They provide you with production services if needed.