Music Studio

Are we talking about a mere room with acoustically treated walls here?

Is this a stone & brick hole with few microphones thrown here, and some cables running there?

Are you looking at graffiti walls with fancy pictures?

No…. we are in ‘The Kreative Company’ Music Studio, which has a soul and a heart for your musical needs. We are more focused on your project and how sweetly it can be recorded, mixed and finalized than the superficial trappings of exteriors.

We are an integral part of the music fraternity of the United Arab Emirates. The vocalists, instrumentalists, music directors, composers, music arrangers, performers, artist agents, celebrity managers & event promoters are our family. Here, our music studio, operating room, sound producers and sound engineers work together to give birth to your digital music recording.

Whether you have a commercial or a non-commercial music project, book us for the variety of music equipment and instruments OR bring-in your kit and team, and we shall apply the same zest in recording you. The combination of soundproofed Control Room & Recording Booth can be adjusted as per your need and to your benefits; both are linked by two-way screens & headphones so you are not only in isolation rooms to eliminate external or inferring sounds but also well-connected to each other for that cozy camaraderie.

Our Music studio in Dubai offers a comfort, which is hard to find at other utterly commercial places. We are warm, we are friendly, with our experience, we bring value-additions; and we, at ‘The Kreative Company’ await your next release, recorded and mixed with us.

Music studios in Dubai booking costs vary depending on various factors like location, a commercial or non-commercial project, etc. We can make it all very reasonable by applying pure hourly based package rates including as many microphones, engineers, booth and the mix. No hidden costs, no games. Call us to explore this. Our company, ‘The Kreative Company’ is a renowned and dependable name in the music industry. We are the only music studios in Dubai, UAE that provide our clients with paperless recording studio in Dubai. Our music studios are equipped with the latest and modern microphones, preamps, mixers, etc to help vocalists record their music track hassle-free.

Our company provides for split-screen to help vocalists and sound engineers to connect better and help bring out and showcase their best music abilities. We also provide two soundproof facilities for big groups or big sessions for a fun and interactive music studio experience for our clients. Our company is centrally located and headed by industry experts who have vast knowledge &experience and are aware of the current music industry changing needs.

Our clients can book our music studio online from our official website. To know more about our Professional Music Studios in Dubai and music studio bulk package rates for bulk bookings, please call or email us.