Our Story

We were born in 2008.

We are based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates - the melting pot of world cultures!

Our baby steps were shaken a bit by the 2008 economic recession, a sudden brutal speed-breaker for a new set-up; but we survived this thanks to our clients’ trust in us and even today, we continue this trust-winning trait of our focused approach to clients’ creative brief and the value-additions we at ‘The Kreative Company’ bring to all projects.

Making concept-based and story-driven impact radio ads in ANY language is our prime love, always! This is what made our clients’ radio stand above the clutter. Our honest handling brought us many a non-radio projects along the way…. IVRs, VOs, music, dubbing, audio books, podcasts, cover / unplugged versions, community recordings, recording booth hire, audio… anything; plus, all types of media productions.

Localization and customizing media to any language is our forte; and with our effective media productions in ANY language and for ANY medium, soon we were serving clients worldwide.

‘The Kreative Company’ awaits you at its pretty address: opposite the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa in the front; and Coca Cola Arena at the backside. Meraas, City Walk, Dubai Canal & Mazaya Center are a stone’s throw away. Our professional recording studio is proud to be a part of this beautiful landscape.

The Founder

As a child, Mohammed Ali dreamt of being on radio; as a teenager, a Bollywood actor; as a young man, be in military, study literature, pursue teaching, do social work, roam the world, etc. Add to this, his father’s dream of making him a lawyer or a government IAS officer :)

While studying, he passed local radio auditions and did regular part-time radio shows. This lead to his favorite world of radio and voice- works in Bombay; resulting in a hectic life of Bollywood film dubbings, regular full-time job, English-to-Hindi soap-opera dubs, voice-overs for advertisements, casual announcer’s part-time radio…. endless fun, but never tiring because he was enjoying every moment of it. Then, FM radio happened in India, he was now part of the first batch of FM radio experts, a GM & in-house RJ of a radio channel in Bombay; christened on-air as ‘Ali’. Next step was Creative Manager & in-house presenter of the first Hindi-Urdu FM radio in the UAE. In 2008, Ali started ‘The Kreative Company’.





We comprise of a multi-cultural team of in-house audio-video editors, administrators, graphic experts, talent management & accounts personal, and support staff.

High caliber hand-picked talents are enlisted with ‘The Kreative Company’.

They voice, edit, script, translate, trans-create, record, act, model, shoot, mix and finalize media so as to effectively advertise your brand & offer.

Why Us

  • Our team is headed by an industry expert. We know what we are doing; we add value to the written words. We have region’s biggest talent bank. We are a multi-cultural world studio (related social media links).
  • We are centrally located and easy to reach. We respect mother earth; we are concerned; we are paperless. Our Work speaks for us. 
  • Our clients vouch for us - Testimonials
  • Your media production is our passion; we love what we do. We enjoy sharing our ‘masala’ tea with you in our studio … BTW, we make good coffee too.

Current Offers

This month of June 2024, we bring you our top-notch recording studio hourly hire at 25% OFF!

That means you pay AED 280 only (AED Two Hundred & Eighty Only) for an hour of recording studio time, which includes studio facility, engineer and whatever edit / recording you want us to do in that hour..... Central location, experienced team, and unlimited coffee / tea at no cost :)

Catch this offer before JUNE 2024 slips out fast!

Get that cover version, voiceover demo, audition, and coveted recording with the help of our friendly studio ambience, guided direction as a value-addition, sound-proofed professional recording booth, microphones, and final mastered copy.

Book Now to Enjoy your creatives with us!

tKc In Press

'The Kreative Company' recording studio is unique and one of a kind; it is the only 'paperless' studio in the UAE! The recording booth has a split screen device, wherein the talent sees the script on screen, thus eliminating paper sound, distraction and voice / lips moving away from the microphone. Our top-notch microphones, mixers, preamps, kit and DAW captures the full voice now. Most artists like to move their body and hands to help them voice-act better. The idea of being away from the prying eyes thru the traditional studio glass window is appreciated by artists. For old-school artist-director connection, we have a split screen in the control room as well so the engineer / director can see / talk / hear the artists... both are connected nicely. Rarely is this method used by recording studios but we at 'The Kreative Company' prefer this not only because we want our talent to perform at their best for your projects but also because we love our trees and mother earth. Our recording booth and control room together provide two soundproofed facilities for groups, big sessions, and interactive recordings. Rent our recording studio to experience this!


Social Responsibility

If you are a non-profit, NGO, humanitarian, charitable or social organization, we will record, mix, edit your sound or give our sound-proofed recording booth on hire at discounted cost!

Please email your audio production requirement to make 'The Kreative Company' a part of your good deeds!


While watching recording talent thru digital screens in our paperless recording studio, we get to learn a bit :) Also, during 'live' direction in long-distance sessions, we come across interesting tidbits. Since October-2011, we have been sharing these observations on our social media platforms with you.
Sample some here:

Please explore our social media handles, they will take you to more.