Recording Studio

Sound is the essence of life. A recording studio is the birth place of media-sounds we hear every day at all junctures, like... radio ads, jingles & music; dialogues on TV, films & animations; announcements at banks, airports, institutes, events & public places; voice-instructions in elevators, shopping malls, gyms, government buildings & sports venues; narrations in corporate films, educational visuals, eLearning videos, audio books, podcasts, stories, entertainment material, promotional reels, in-flight guidelines, training program announcers & online presentations; welcome telephonic messages, on-hold IVRs & bank ATM instructional voices; games' sound effects & arcade game audio; religious renditions, web page audio, social media hype thru chatter and so on. The list is exhaustive. All this and more is created within the sound-proofed walls of 'The Kreative Company', Soundproof Recording Studio in ideal recording studio.

We can produce all this and the quality finished sound can be emailed to you within 24 hours... scratch-to-the-final-mix, concept-script-to-the-finished-audio-file!

'The Kreative Company' recording studio is unique and one of a kind; it is the only 'paperless' studio in the UAE! The recording booth has a split screen device, wherein the talent sees the script on screen, thus eliminating paper sound, distraction and voice / lips moving away from the microphone. Our top-notch microphones, mixers, preamps, kit and DAW captures the full voice now. Most artists like to move their body and hands to help them voice-act better. The idea of being away from the prying eyes thru the traditional studio glass window is appreciated by artists. For old-school artist-director connection, we have a split screen in the control room as well so the engineer / director can see / talk / hear the artists... both are connected nicely. Rarely is this method used by recording studios but we at 'The Kreative Company' prefer this not only because we want our talent to perform at their best for your projects but also because we love our trees and mother earth. Our recording booth and control room together provide two soundproofed facilities for groups, big sessions, and interactive recordings. Rent our recording studio to experience this!

Experience world class recording, mixing, editing and finalization with us. Hire recording studio for producing your sound or for song rehearsals.

'The Kreative Company' stands out as one of the most promising names in Dubai. We started in the year 2008 and since then we have served innumerable clients world-wide and at home as well; we are the most Professional Recording Studio in Dubai. Our Vocal Recording Studio in Dubai possesses various unique features, pay us a visit or meet us online for a tour. Rest assured, we will serve your sonic needs at our sincerest abilities in the Best Recording Studio in Dubai. We are certain that you shall get nothing but the Best quality recordings & audio.

Nothing beats a professional recording studio, 'The Kreative Company' provides you with the best soundproof recording studio in Dubai. It's not just pointing a mic and then hitting the 'record' button, it's an art perfected over the years. With the help of the best producers, engineers, artist community, clients and media savvy folks, we have become the best recording studio in Dubai. Record better, and take your production to a whole new level.

Access to superb recording equipment and microphones, where every sound source is different, we combine microphones and the preamps to capture the performance in the most pleasing manner. Our well-equipped studio shall tame or entrance the vocalists, the instruments, the announcer and the talent as needed. Getting the source as cleanly as possible is the game. The recording environment adds to the machines, our friendly and encouraging attitude makes a star out of all your prospects. It's a science to keep in check the unwanted reflections; the frequency authentication or cancellation can affect high-end quality. Enjoy this blend of good science and cool art of recording at our soundproof recording studio in Dubai.... all this at competitive rates.