Audiobook Recording

Podcasts are the modern face of radio shows but now personal radio shows, anyone can do, the best this is, you don't require the traditional radio platform; you simply upload and make your Podcast (audio) available online. A simple! Audio recordings, revolving around educational or any informational theme. The delivery is in digital audio format. An ideal Podcast needs professional handling; right from the conceptual stage to the recording, mixing and packaging it interestingly, like a well-produced radio show. We, 'The Kreative Company' specialize in Podcasts, the best company for podcast & Audiobooks recording UAE. Our quality studio and expert team is well-versed to make your next Podcast series, and make it a hit. Podcast can be downloaded by your audiences so they can listen to it on their portable devices or MP3 players, whenever they want to... while traveling, relaxing, exercising or at work. If the production is good, people even share it within groups, resulting in more listening and popularity; this brings your podcast getting sponsorship by some brands as well. The scope is immense.

The same goes for audiobooks, which are supposed to be recorded, as if reading a book loudly. 'The Kreative Company' has the biggest voice-bank, voice actors in any language. Hence, publishing companies & universities hire us to record their novels, dramas and educational books. But there are individual writers, who like to record their books in their own voices, which is absolutely fantastic! This gives the book a natural personal touch. We are here to guide and direct new or experienced writers to visit us and record their books at special package rates.

All professional equipments are handy including a scrolling screen, a paperless environment so you can focus on the voice delivery and expressions.

'The Kreative Company' is marked with its emergence in the year 2008 in Dubai. Our extremely superior services for audiobook & podcast packaging has made us widely known in the United Arab Emirates, Middle East & the North African region. Podcast & Audiobooks Recording UAE is our ground, and we wish to continue working this hard to satisfy the needs of our clients. Our creativity has touched hearts and we cannot be more proud of it. Our elite facilities have been praised by some great personalities and we consider ourselves lucky for that. Since the past years our major motive is to put forward the best Audiobooks Recording UAE and we have successfully catered to the needs of our clients. We have a well-structured marketing policy as a result of which we successfully make our clients happy. We proudly announce the prevalence of our recording studio. Check out our website or connect with us immediately for business-related inquiries.

The major benefit is, your podcasts and audiobooks help you to fill a niche in the super-competitive online marketplace. Blogs and websites about various topics are plenty, but there is a lesser number of podcasts in the market. Therefore choose us and let your podcasts & audiobooks recording in Dubai reach the deserved fame.