Radio Consultancy

Our founder and Managing Director eats, sleeps, and breathes radio... for 'The kreative Company' making good radio is sublime, an all encompassing fond subject.

We specialize in setting up new radio stations from scratch, turnkey - technology, machines / equipment setting, programing, formatting, creating a distinct station sound, producing promos & client ads, training, workshops, broadcasting, marketing, establishing the channel.... A to Z, the whole gamut!

We are adept at handling any one of the above.

We revive faltering radio channels.

We orient rusty radio professionals.

We create radio professionals out of entry-level enthusiasts & novices.

We teach radio presentation.

We manage radio stations.

We are radio content producers, from concept to writing to recording to packaging a pre-recorded show to taking it on-air.

We are your radio’s ad-makers on retainer-ship or on package basis..

We devise radio’s identity, music and format through research & listenership surveys.

Radio is one of the best ways to increase your sales. ‘The Kreative Company’ is one of the best radio ads and jingle makers Gulf in Dubai. We are well known in the market for our professional services and our productions provide customers with plenty of benefits. Our team is led by Mr. Ali, a media professional of over 20 years of radio experience. It’s a well-researched fact that radio advertising helps your brand & offers reach a larger audience with guaranteed ROI. It is surprising that with so much of digital media and on-ground advertising, radio listenership is continuously increasing. So much so that in certain parts of the world, over 10 million people hear radio for at least one hour every day of the week. This is why if you want to increase your business, we suggest you connect with us because we can turnkey your full radio advertising - from concept, script, translations, final ad / jingle to planning the right radio for you... and putting it on-air!

Radio Means Results

When video came, experts announced the death of radio. When digital boom opened up, every one thought, radio will no longer survive. But, as we can see, radio is still thriving because radio has unique powers. It allows the messages to be localized, made-to-measurement for its audiences. You can easily target specific communities, areas and demographics with your advertising campaign, even combine it with on-ground live events. All genres in the market are covered by different radio channels so pick the one that suits your segment. You will do better with us at 'The Kreative Company' - the radio experts to take your brand message to its targeted market, where people spend most time on radio listening. It is rewarding to know that according to surveys, radio listeners do not generally tune-out, when the ads are playing on-air compared to television viewing habits. Choose professionals to make your radio ad so it stands out with clarity of message and has recall value. We have the best radio consulting media services UAE. Therefore choose us and flourish.