Current Offers

We are a specialist recording studio, and do turnkey: concept to script to transaltions to the final audio / video for any media type.

Our top-notch, sound-proofed booths are available for all your recordings, like, cover versions, podcasts, audio books, pre-event, corporate announcements, personal demos, auditions, religious renderings, school / office / functions / presentation audio, plays' monologues, audio tours, speeches etc.

Whether it is a small recording for an hour or long term bulk booking for many hours & days, our affordable rates and packages work the best for all. The beauty is there are no hidden costs; our rates include sound-proofed professional recording booth, microphones (upto 5), engineer, recording, edits and final mastered copy.... whatever you want us to do in that one hour. It's purely a clock-based package so depends on what YOU can do in that time for us to accomplish together as a team.

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